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MyLibrarian provides a way for you to simply and efficiently keep track of all of the books you've read or want to read. Never be caught without a bookmark again! You can quickly record your page number and/or a custom note. Looking for something new to read? Use the powerful sorting options for a quick high level view of the types of books and authors you like. Tired of forgetting when your library books are due? Always have the due dates on hand. With MyLibrarian, you have a simple but powerful tool to assist your reading habits. Make MyLibrarian, your personal librarian!

Looking to backup your MyLibrarian books to your Mac or PC? Download our simple utility, MyLibrarian Backup, for free!



Adding new books is easy! Simply press the + button located in the upper-right corner and enter in the book's details. Only the title is required but the more you fill in the easier it is to find your book later. New books can be added whenever you are viewing the Groups, Sort, or Book Listing pages.

Sifting through your books is just as easy as adding them! Select a grouping of your books from the Group page. The number of books listed in each group is displayed in gray on the right side of each group. After selecting a group, you are provided with a handful of ways to sort your books. Selecting a sorting option will take you to the book list page. Only the books that match the group you selected are shown here and they will be in the selected sort order. Selecting any book on this page will allow you to view more detailed information about that book; as well as allow you to edit or delete it. You can go back at any time by pressing the appropriate button in the upper left corner.


Students can save money by keeping track of books for trading or sales between class semesters.



Send questions or comments to If you are experiencing a bug, please describe it in detail so we can fix it as soon as possible.